Terms and Conditions of Smmpanel.site
We are providing social media fans/followers/views/accounts from last 5 years and we always try to provide out best service.Fans,Followers,Views drops when these social media sites updates and it can happen once a week,once a month or few times a year.This is very normal that some of the fans,followers,views will drop(not for all services).
  • You cannot force us to cancel any order after its placed because these orders are automatic,however we will try to cancel on your request if its possible.
  • Before using our services you must promise that you will never make a fradulent dispute if anything happens to your orders.
  • You need to create a ticket or contact us for any issues and we will be very happy to solve your problem and we can also refund if we fail to solve the problem or provide the service.

We believe in long term business with our clients and we are commited to provide you best services so you dont need to worry about anything.Be a good client and we promise to be the best smm service provider.